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Jun 22, 2016 at 03:30 AM

PAL Handling of Logical OMS (LOMS)



This question stems from SAP note 1240633 - PAL: Transferring the spool server

SAP note seems to address only access methods S, U, L, and C. How about for access method E?

Does SAP have the option to set a default LOMS server per system and allow PAL to use this default LOMS server during distribution of printers in the target system?

To put it in perspective, say you have 10 Logical Output Management servers (LOMS), each one catering to several SAP systems located in two or more countries. What would be the recommendation for grouping them for easier Printing Assistant for Landscape (PAL) distribution without using too many PAL Central Systems?

The aim would be to have only 1 Central system for Production and 1 for all the Development, Test, and Quality systems, total of 2 PAL Central Systems.

Thanks in advance for all your inputs.