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Jun 21, 2016 at 07:52 PM

Bex Query - 1 result value for structure element


Hello Sap community,

I need some support from your side. Following situation.

In my rows I have a structure with three selections and a result formula( result = Selection 1 + selection 2 + Selection 3)

When I select now via free characteristics a additional column following table is present:

Structure character KYF Count Head

Selection 1 A 22

Selection 2 B 33

Selection 3 C 10

Result A 22

Result B 33

Result C 10

My issue now is, that I receive three lines of Result values (because of the selections in the structure) but I only need one result, in which all selection values of the characteristics are summed up.

Someone of you has a guess or trick how to enforce this one result line?

Thanks for your support.