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how can i follow all the exact standart attributes and dependences which are exist on matnr?

i've tried to archive matnr object in test mode in purpose to get the report of "logs" that is shown in sara transaction (i want to know all the attributes on matnr for a new development i make).

the problem is that the messegas there are not clear and not specific, for example: " delivery exist".

how can i know in what fields can i see this dependence? what are the values for activate this message? and generally how can i reach the check that made befor any message in this report released?

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3 Answers

  • Feb 08, 2017 at 02:34 PM

    Call transaction SARA on an object like MM_MATNR and click the first icon on application toolbart, should be Network Graphic, so you will get a display of predecessor archive objects. You could also call transaction AOBJ to get immediate predecessor of this object int he Maintain Network Graphics , and then navigate to their own predecessors...

    NB: Those data are only information, some checks are carried in the program associated to the object in AOBJ and only analysis of this program can give you the whole required information.


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  • Feb 08, 2017 at 04:11 PM

    All checks are made in the programs - the network graphic is is just a high level visualization of dependencies between archiving objects and has no active influence on the checks itself.

    You may have own dependencies based on your local design. For instance is the dependency between purchase orders and deliveries in case of a stock transfer process not reflected in the SAP standard Network graphic.

    This network graphic is subject to customizing - and honestly I have rarely (never except in a training) seen anybody who had visualized his dependencies and user exits which check this dependency in a Network graphic.

    The checks are SAP programmed to ensure data integrity, still somebody who is responsible for archiving has to test and reflect own design and add checks in Archiving object exits to ensure the data integrity for his own designed processes that may be even more integrated as the standard checks cover.

    Material master, master data in general, can only be archived after you have archived your process data. Even we archive process data for more than 10 years already, archiving master data is still almost impossible because of remaining dependencies. It is relatively easy to archive materials from a wrong data load, material that have never been used, but once they have been used it is a tedious work to get rid of them. So just put this at the very end of archiving. If you are clean with your process archiving then you will not see many error message when you start with master data.

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    Feb 12, 2017 at 09:38 AM

    First of all thanks for your help.

    I know this graphic network and to be honest its not helpful. It only shows the former objects (as jurgen L already said).

    What i nead to know is the meaning of any message text i get in the error text in the log after a try of archiving (appears in sara transaction left to the network graphic as "logs" )

    For Example the massage : "info records exist", "use in a bill of material", "internal use of the material".

    How can i know the way i should handle and take care of any kind of those massages? How can i see all of these kinds of messeges?

    Maybe there is another way to track those kind of matnr conditions?

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