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Jun 21, 2016 at 03:57 PM

SAP Lumira Error: OData connection error (since last week!) with


Question from a Customer:

Dear SAP Lumira Customer Care,

I try to report on the open cbs data with the local SAP Lumira tool to connect to these services.

However the connection is not possible anymore.

I tried to open a connection based on Odata V2.

First on version 1.30, and even after update to version 1.31 of Lumira it failed.

“Unable to connect to server”.

It looks like, the current version is not supported. This sounds odd to me.

Can you help me out?

I used this table:

with metadata available see link:$metadata

So I connect to the first link, (no user/password required).

However the connection is not established, see error message:

“ OpenConnectivity driver error: A problem occurred while communicating with the provider. Detailed message: Server error: (response: status=404. reason=’Not

Found, request=’/ODataFeed/odata/82218NED/$metadata’) ”

Windows 10, SAP Lumira version info: 1.31.0 build: 121

Thank you,


SAP Customer Care Specialist