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Jun 21, 2016 at 12:53 PM

Possibility to avoid early material number allocation in MM01



When we call create function in material master (MM01), a material code is immediately assigned in MATNR field from the number range for the group. Is it possible to cancel this early material number assignment, so a Material Number is assigned in this field only when we save the material.

For example in a PM/QM Notification Object, the Notification number field is displayed with %00000001 initially and a Notification number is assigned from number range only when we save it. In this object this can be controlled with a customization functionality called "early number allocation" which can be switched ON/OFF.

T Code: SNRO for Object MATERIALNR have buffer as 10 and am not finding a way to Control early number allocation. I do not know whether this option is available for Object MATERIALNR.

Looking to see is there any way in customization where we can avoid early proposal of material number in MATNR field in T Code: MM01.