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Jun 21, 2016 at 12:20 PM

MRY1 - Configuration settings



I'm currently working on getting the MRY1 to run.

Unfortunately the transaction does not pick up any material movements for the average price calculation.

Which setting do I need to change in configuration?

Are the LIFO/FIFO setting relevant for using MRY1?

The following setup is done (unchanged from standard settings delivered)

- in OMWE both LIFO and FIFO is active
- in OMWL is set to company code level
- no entries in OMWZ

- standard settings in OMW4 (as delivered by SAP)

- OMWP has entries that look like standard entries (FIFO01, FIFO02, LIFO01, LIFO02)´

Has anybody a guideline or some tips for me?

Best Regards,