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Jun 21, 2016 at 11:35 AM

Material Master - Mixed MRP Indicator for KMAT


Hello Team,

I am creating KMAT configurable material. And I am using the strategy group 11 - gross requirements planning (I have changed the standard setting of requirement class '030' in OVZG with "Configuration Mandatory").

Q1: If I change the requirement class '030' with configuration mandatory, will it work similar to strategy group 25? (Due to business reasons I can not change the strategy group from 11 to 25 in material master)

Q2: Since I am using strategy group 11 for my KMAT material, I need to enter the Mixed MRP Indicator as "2 - Gross Requirements Planning". But in material master screen, the field "Mixed MRP Indicator" is NOT visible. Is for KMAT materials, "Mixed MRP Indicator" not required to be maintained?