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Jun 21, 2016 at 10:52 AM

Using Portal Application From 3rd Party Systems


Hello everyone,

We need an application in our Customer Portal which should post some data obtained from a 3rd party vendor into the ECC system. The 3rd party vendor will not have authorizations(logins) in our portal. Instead we will give them a portal application URL which they will run via Scheduling process. All they want is a simple jsp page which will process the parameter they send through HTTP. The JSP file doesnt need any UI elements or anything. All they want our application to do is to get the parameter, post the data into the ECC and show whether the transaction is success or not (via a simple out.println)

My question here is if I develop a portal application with only a jsp file with a code to get the parameter value and call an RFC to post the data into the ECC, which URL do I need to give them to run? When I go to the Content Admin --> Portal Contents --> Portal Applications --><My Application> and preview, I get an URL. Is that the URL of my portal application that I can give it to the 3rd party or I can get the URL from some other place which can be run from any system? Will my application work without any user authentication?

Or for the requirement, is there any other better way to achieve?