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Jun 21, 2016 at 10:32 AM

Powerbuilder, missing scripts


Our company is using Powerbuilder 12.5.2 build 5629 on up-to-date Windows 7 machines (HP Elitebooks – few different models). During the last work project, we noticed that scripts 'disappear' from windows inherited from other windows.

We have our own framework, which has a few basic windows. All windows used across our program are inherited from those windows with added functions. This is the structure of windows for the given example:

  • w_basic_window
  • w_singledw_window
  • w_add_user

Below is an example of the problem:

Window for adding new users (w_add_user) was created and it was inherited from a existing basic window (w_singledw_window from w_basic_window). It had a event triggered from 'Add user' button, which adds a new row to the datawindow. This worked fine in a previous project. Now it was needed to add a titlebar to all our window. This was done by editing the basic window (w_basic_window) from which all our windows are inherited. A full rebuild of the worskpace was done and all windows had a titlebar. Then during testing I noticed that the event on 'Add user' was no longer working. I checked the source and our event was missing from the list.

Afterwards, during testing, a few other windows had some events missing (not all). However it is hard to determin all windows with missing events, since our program has 100+ windows.

Did anyone else encounter this problem?