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Former Member
Jun 21, 2016 at 10:26 AM

Import parameters for manually started workflows


Hi experts,

The purpose of my workflow is to drive the user throw a procedure to change specific contract data (VA42).

The requirement is to:

  • start the workflow manually with the reference to the contract --> done thanks to the Start Form
  • have first a user decision ("Please change parameters X and Y in this contract") with a reference to the contract --> done
  • when the user answers "yes" to this user decision, the VA42 is immediatly opened in EDIT mode
  • the contract number inserted from the workflow initiator as input parameter is foreseen automatically

I'm not able to foresee this last 2 steps. I know how to do it with automatically started workflows, using the BOR Object (in this case BUS2032) also in the triggering event, for example for approval workflows, but in this case I'm not able to:

  1. open VA42 (via Call Transaction, I suppose, but I don't know how)
  2. tell to the system to import the value I used in the Start Form (/BEV1/RBVBAK - VBELN) and use it in VA42 transaction

Thanks a lot in advance for any suggestion.

Best regards,