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Jun 21, 2016 at 09:36 AM

Physical Inventory for Depot plant



We are carrying out physical inventory at a Depot plant and as per the process of physical inventory a material document has been generated.

The material document is carrying both the movement types 701 and 702. The stock is corrected at the inventory management level, but the same correction should get reflected in the RG23D register. So when we are trying to post the differences with reference to material document (relevant to physical inventory) in RG23D register, system will consider the material document either for J1IG or J1IJ and not for both.

For example when we post the J1IG transaction with reference to material document, material posted against 701 movement will be considered and posted. Once J1IG is posted, consider the same material document for J1IJ system gives an error that the RG23D selection already over for Material document.

Please suggest whether the process followed is correct, if not please suggest an alternative.