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Jun 21, 2016 at 06:06 AM

Async-Sync Bridge (Request-Reply) in HCI


Hi HCI Experts,

We're trying to build an iFlow in HCI that looks something like the Async-Sync bridge in PI. I understand that there's the Request-Reply pattern in HCI that could accomplish this, as discussed here Blog 2: Request-Reply Pattern in Integration Flows (HCI-PI). However, I'm getting no luck so far when trying to deploy the iFlow.

So the scenario is:

ECC IDoc (Async) -> HCI -> C4CWebService_Request (Sync) -> C4CWebService_Response -> HCI -> Custom Web Service in ECC

1. ECC sends an IDoc to HCI.

2. HCI takes care of the mapping and sending of the request message to the standard Web Service (WS) in C4C. The standard WS in C4C is Synchronous.

3. Now, the response of the standard WS in C4C must be sent back to ECC thru a Custom web service created in SOAMANAGER.

4. Response of WS from C4C is sent back to HCI where message mapping will take place and send it to the web service in ECC.

During deploy, I'm getting an error that says 'Receiver Channel cannot be configured for synchronous WSDL configuration.' Is it because the custom web service in ECC is synchronous and HCI cannot handle that?

Has anyone ever done this scenario with success?

Appreciate any inputs.

Thanks in advance.



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