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Former Member
Jun 21, 2016 at 02:10 AM

Creation Of Number ID


Hi TRM experts,

Please can you help on the below issue.

1.One number ID for one investment Manager and any other element for each share, below is the explanation.

e.g. Investment Manager is 1000013 and shares traded during the month are YAHOO and GOOGLE, post transaction with ID 1000013 and YAHOO or GOOGLE as any other element to post transaction at share level but analysis at investment Manager level. In addition if any other Investment Manager (1000014) trades in same share (YAHOO), post transaction with ID 1000014 and YAHOO. Now analysis can be done for one company's share across investment manager.

2. External Number range of Number ID for Foreign securities only (e.g. Number ID would 1000013-YAHOO).


Narasimha Rao.