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Jun 20, 2016 at 05:41 PM

SAP PI AAE Error in HTTP_AAE Receiver Communication Channel


Dear Expert,

We are facing an issue with HTTP_AAE Receiver communication Channel.

The interface is like Proxy to HTTP Scenario and SAP PI version 7.4 Dual Stack.

while sending data from SAP the data will reached to SAP PI/Po and all pipeline steps completed in Moni messages.

But facing problem in HTTP_AAE Receiver communication Channel. SAP PI is internal server and HTTP Application(3rd party application) is outer Network.

By using this we are sending the attachments and data. but in receiver communication Channel we are getting Problem.

Error Log:


Kiran Polani


pastedImage_1.png (32.8 kB)
pastedImage_2.png (14.3 kB)