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Jun 20, 2016 at 02:52 PM

Notification options - what about email?



So far, I have only briefly experimented with the notifications aspect of the new SCN beta, so apologies if I've missed or overlooked some early dialog on the topic (other than some of the more common problems related to SSO challenges, limited filtering options, search constraints, etc.)

In today's SCN I typically use two methods of staying informed (both one click away on/off in the gray Actions box on the top right corner of just about every piece of content in SCN):

  • Track in Communications (for regular scrolling through list of items to catch up on the activities within the spaces I am watching)
  • Receive email notifications (for specific pages I am closely watching for any changes, or for immediate action, etc. and the email serves as a TODO in my inbox)

I haven't seen any way to get emails from the new SCN for something like the All Things SAP Fiori document, which serves as a beacon for the community to stay informed of new content and additions to the growing community collaboration.

I have seen other discussions about PDF printing, RSS feeds, etc. --> these are other options in the same gray Actions box, but I use them much more infrequently than the two bullet points above.

Is receive email notifications something that is also planned or in the backlog?

Best Regards,