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Jun 20, 2016 at 02:37 PM

Overhead costing sheet issue



Currently in the costing sheet "Base" for the below overheads is provided in "Cost center range" & "Activity type range " instead of "Cost element range".

Admin Overhead

Production Overhead

Rest of the factors such as overheads & credits are also configured.

Now i have internal order where the costing sheet is assigned but not able to capture overheads when i calculate KGI2

I have maintained some plan values in the combination of cost center/Activity type in KP26 and transfered some values to Order through KB21N, but still when i am calculating Overheads ie KGI2 for given internal order, the overheads are not getting calculated.

Required help to understand why overheads are not getting calculated? How can i get value at Internal order level so that overheads will get calculated?

I even tried assigning in costing sheet single cost center and activity type range and tried to repost to Internal order, but still not successful.

Please note in internal order level i am trying to calculate overheads