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Jun 20, 2016 at 02:32 PM

I/C STO for sales order / GTS validations


We have a 3rd party plant in the Netherlands we ship all European orders through. It is in a unique company code. Sales Orders from our European companies use this plant as the shipping plant. Thus we have a lot of intercompany activity.

Many times customers order parts that are not stocked in the NL plant so we fulfill those requirements from our US plant by shipping them to the NL plant for import then shipping on to the customer once inventory is received.

We are implementing GTS. Because of the sensitive nature of some of our goods, we have to invoke a sanctioned party and licensing check against the end customer when we are shipping product from the US through the Netherlands plant. We may also need to check the outbound from the NL against European rules.

We do not have a way to identify the customer ship-to for the sales order when we are processing the STO from the US to the Netherlands.

Have you needed to perform such a check on an STO with GTS? If so how was it accomplished?

If there is a way to establish the connection with a specific order we should be able to perform the checks we need to.

Thanks in advance for any insight you may have.