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Jun 20, 2016 at 02:06 PM

Crystal Reports totals/subtotals


I'm working on a client/matter detail report that totals up the billable hours and amounts by timekeeper, per client and within a data range. The data is grouped by client and then matter. The data for the date range entered will display all data for that period entered. I also need to display the hours/amounts for just the last month in the entered date range. For example, if I enter 10/1/2015 thru 1/31/2016, I need to see only the billed time and amounts for 1/1/2016 thru 1/31/2016. I can correctly display and sum up the time/amounts correctly for the entire date range.

For the last month, I can display the individual time/amounts for each client and matter number correctly, but I cannot figure out how to sum the values for the entire client when there is more than 1 matter for a client. I originally tried to display this data within the main report but with no success. I have the monthly data showing in a subreport but have not been able to calculate the totals for the monthly data. I've attached a screen grab of the data where you can see the bold Running Total field is calculating per matter and not per client. The running total is on the Client group. The running total is set to Evaluate on Change of Client Group, and I reset when the client is not equal to the previous client. Any ideas on what I am doing wrong?

The columns would correspond to the screen grab as:

Client Number Client Name Monthly Recorded Hours Monthly Record Value All Recorded Hours Monthly Recorded Value

Matter Number


Capture.JPG (27.4 kB)