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Jun 20, 2016 at 02:01 PM

BOP in customs management


Hi together,

I know this topic is not new, and I already searched for more information. E.g. I found these threads:

How To Use BOM Dependent License Determination

But, I think I have a more general misunderstanding of the process.

So, here the facts I figured out so far, please correct:

1. BOP = Bill of Product and is a synonym for BOM (Bill of Materials) used in ERP context

2. The standard transfer from ERP BOM´s to GTS is only used in preference processing in GTS and these BOM/BOP´s cannot be used in customs processing.

3. To use / explode BOP in customs documents, we have to follow the document "How to use BOM dependant license determination"?

3.1 Therefore during the order or delivery creation there is a BAdI /SAPSLL/IF_EX_IFEX_SD0B_R3~IF_EXTEND_COM_CDOC in which for the BOM component a "free / virtual" BOM ID is created and transferred to GTS

3.2 On top, you need to implement BAdI /SAPSLL/IF_EX_BOM_SD0B_R3~API_BOM_EXPLODE to explode the BOM already before transferring to GTS?

But even knowing this, I don´t understand completely the process.

a) why to assign a "virtual" BOP ID in the BAdI although the BOM will already be exploded during transfer?

b) Dave comments

You cannot transfer Bill of Materials for Customs purposes. You must either set up fixed BoP in the Product Master, or set the flag "External BoP" and use the BAdI to call back to the ERP system to obtain the BoM.

I cannot find the flag "External BoP" anywhere? And, if we would maintain fixed BoP, would they be exploded during customs processing?

c) as mentioned above in point 3, is this approach only working, when you create customs documents in GTS based on delivery document or sales orders? We use pro-forma invoices as starting point for the creation of customs processing.

So, sorry, but this topic didn´t reveal it´s logic yet, so I´m again thankful for any input!