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Jun 20, 2016 at 01:06 PM

Working with two companies


Hello everyone,

Currently I have a customer who has a rather peculiar organizational structure. Basically, the structure is as follows:

There is one company, say company X, which holds the inventory for two other companies, A and B. Company X has no actual employees, but is just a company which holds the inventory. Physically, the inventory is in the same building as Company A.

Now please consider the transactions between companies X and A (those between X and B are identical).

Company A gets a sales order from one of their clients. This order is fulfilled by placing a PO at company X, which then delivers the goods to company A, who can then deliver the goods to their customer. Note that no goods are actually sent from X to A because they are at the same location.

I have tried to implement this situation using the intercompany addon, but that does not appear to be a workable solution. The intercompany solution helps to create a Sales Order in Company X when a PO is made in company A, but only as a draft document. This would mean that someone would have to be logged in to the Company X database to process the draft sales order to a delivery, which would then create a (draft) Goods Receipt in company A, which would then need to be processed in that database. All this requires a lot of manual actions from the employee.

Basically i am looking for a solution that would enable me to automate the transactions in Company X so that an employee can process the entire flow from Company A.

All suggestions are more than welcome!

Kind regards,