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Jun 20, 2016 at 12:16 PM

EPM Local Member in between rows


Hi Friends,

Env -EPM 10.1

I have built a local connection to a BW cube to fetch data to a tab in a EPM report.

I need GL Account hierarchy, Profit Center hierarchy in Rows and Audit Trail in columns. The rows need to be dynamic for the users to expand and collapse.

In local connection, I see that we can select only the description or the ID for any dimension, we do not have the option to select both ID and description. The users want to see both the ID and description in one or in separate columns.

I have known that you could not insert local members nested in between 2 rows.

We can create local members both for ID as well as description, but the local members are not dynamic anymore, you cannot double click to expand

Rows column

Audit Trail

GL Account ID GL Account Desc Profit Center

Thanks for your time.