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Jun 20, 2016 at 12:12 PM

How to find out keyfigures which are selected in a view


Dear experts,

I have a macro which hides a certain keyfigure (let's say keyfigure A) depending on its aggregation level (the macro is setting row_visible(1) or (0). This is working.

But if the user selects some other keyfigures (let's say keyfigura B and C) in the interactive planning, then makes a drilldown and later on a drillup, then the hidden keyfigure A is visible, because the makro only checks the aggregation level but not whether the keyfigure at all is visible or not.

Do you know a possibility to ask the attribute of being hidden (or visible) or not? Maybe this is not possible by means of standard macro language. In this case, did you develop a abap-function to solve such a problem?