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Jun 20, 2016 at 12:02 PM

Filter panel / objects on masterdata supporting multiple data sources


I am designing a Design Studio application on top of a BEx query. (design Studio 1.6, BW 7.4 via BI platform 4.1 SP6)

The goal is to have 2 tabs in the application, with charts and tables:

- DS1: open opportunities

- DS2: closed opportunities

Now I want to have 1 generic filter panel (or whatever filter object you think I should use).

This filter panel should have filters on BU, Accountmanager etc. The filter panel is based on DS_1: open opportunities.

Goal: I would like this filterpanel to be able to support both selection on DS1 and DS2.

issue: If there is an Accountmanager "Robert" who only has closed opportunities, his name will not be displayed on the filterpanel. (because Robert is not part of the transaction data for Open opportunities.

In BW query you could easly change the behavior:

"Filter Value Selection at Query Execution" - Only posted values for navigation / Only values in infoprovider / Values in Master Data Table

Can anybody please tell me how I can fulfil my requirement:

- having 1 filter panel (or other filter object) supporting multiple queries (and therefor showing all masterdata instead of transactional data).

Your suggestion would be greatly appreciated.