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Jun 20, 2016 at 11:17 AM

Auto-refresh FMS before doc is added



I'm looking for a solution to a formatted search that I want to work prior to a document being added. A similar discussion was held on this thread:

A client is running SBO 9.1 PL09.

When creating a Sales Order or Invoice I need to take in the OSLP.Memo field to a UDF. I have created the following simplified query to do that from which I use in the AR Invoice (I've a similar one for the ORDR table):

Select t1.memo

from OINV t0

left join oslp t1 on t0.slpcode = t1.slpcode

where t0.docnum = $[OINV.docnum]

This is activated by Autorefresh when the "Due Date" changes and to "Display saved User-defined values".

But when creating a Sales Order or AR Invoice the FMS will not activate as the document is not technically created yet. Once created I can go back and activate the FMS. But this being the case we could just as easily create a drop-down menu of branches.

I have tried changing docnum with docentry in the above query.

Is there any further assistance that could be provided?