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Jun 20, 2016 at 03:20 AM

aborted due to duplicated key error


Hi folks,

Today one table in our SLT system keeps getting the error "

Z01_POS_PO_CREATE006: Run 0000000001 aborted due to DUPLICATE KEY on 20160620 at 105724

". This error happened when I update or delete a row in our source system(SYBASE). Table's name is SLT_TEST1.

I have followed the note 1919356 but it didn't help.

My detail steps:

first try:

1. update or delete a row in source system

2. find the errors and follow note 1919356

3. no help, so I stop and restart the replication

4. but the transfer behavior is 1 after the restart

Second try:

1. stop and restart replication

2. follow 1919356

3. update or delete a row in source system

4. the error happens...

This table's primary key was modified one week ago.

Anyway, I tested another table SLT_TEST2 with no errors.

So please suggest me how to resolve it or investigate the reason.

Thank you!