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Jun 17, 2016 at 07:49 PM

Globally change slideshows / stories / pages?


I am working on some visualizations, I have about 20 pages that display various points of data, all in bar charts. By default, every page appears to have axis titles, flashy/neon colors, etc.

I would like to change all of them at one time to a standard template, bold color, no axis titles, etc. I can see how it's done on a page by page basis, but is there no way to change every page at the same time? I watch a tutorial that said to use the File -> Preferences to achieve this, however on my instance it only changes one page. I assume new pages created going forward will use this new preference, but what about the 20 pages I've already made?

It only takes a minute or so per page to customize to my liking, but my concern is, I will show this to a customer and they'll want a different color, or font size, whatever. What am I missing?

Lumira 1.28