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Jun 17, 2016 at 06:26 PM

Agentry - WPF client crashing when using Loop Over Displayed Items


I have a List Tile View on a detail screen running on the WPF Agentry client. This LTV has a single click action, that in turn has a subaction which loops over all of the LTV's displayed items. Each iteration through the loop executes a transaction screen which allows me to update the row in the LTV. So when I click Finish on the transaction screen the app simply remains on the transaction screen and displays the next object in the LTV. It doesn't return to the entire list until I've reached the end of the rows in the LTV, or click Cancel.

My app works fine for a while - I can select a row in the List Tile View, and edit it on the transaction screen, and when I click Finish it moves on to the next row. However, after using the app for a few minutes, it starts acting strangely (such as, Rules stop working) and eventually the Agentry client crashes.

When I change the code to not loop over the rows (in other words, the user has to select each row one at a time from the LTV and after finished editing they are returned to the detail screen where they must select another row) then it doesn't cause the Agentry client a problem - no crashes. I also have no crashes using the looping mechanism on my iOS clients.

I'm using SMP server, SMP SDK, WPF Agentry client, and Agentry editor plugin

Is this a bug in the WPF client?