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Jun 17, 2016 at 03:48 PM

AMDP Planning Function fails to run


Hello All -

I am working on AO 2.3 and BW 7.5 SP03.

I have AMDP Planning function, the planning function fails to run in Planning Sequence though I have deactivated all Characteristic Relationship, and Data Slice.

The error message are:

I also had a check to Index Trace to get more information, and got these below errors:

[52579]{320499}[117/-1] 2016-06-17 10:35:54.861641 f pleAPI ple_check_cmd.cpp(01426) : Condition 'lCacheNodeState == TRexConfig::CalcEngine::CACHE_AVAILABLE' failed.

EMPTY session index _SYS_PLE:20160617103555_1080070:DATA cache node 00014_result_lookup_invalid is not available. Error:

[49984]{320499}[128/-1] 2016-06-17 10:35:54.862524 i TraceContext TraceContext.cpp(00942) : , ApplicationSource=CL_SQL_STATEMENT==============CP:304, Client=100, StatementHash=212fd3773b0de89b133022d80b488371, EppRootContextId=0A76E0F038CD1ED68D8EBD85DB9A2704, EppTransactionId=5763094F089F5E14E100000

I was hoping Index Trace can give me SQL Script syntax error, unfortunately, it doesn't give. But it gives above information.

I had these below notes implemented but I had no luck, I still encountered the issue



Do you know how to resolve this kind of issue? Do you know if there are sap notes can resolve this issue?

This issue is critical for us due it is a showstopper. If you can advise me how we can resolve this asap, it will be much appreciated.

Kindly please ask your advice,


Daniel N.