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Jun 17, 2016 at 01:25 PM

Subsetting a data model


In ERwin when I needed to create a model that was a subset of a larger model, I could put everything I needed in one diagram and the use the "Derive model from Subject Area" feature.

I'm trying to do this with CDMs and LDMs in PowerDesigner (without a repository, I might add). I need to create a subset model of the Corporate CDM (I'll be doing similar thing for LDM) for my project. Re-use some pieces as-is and change and add-to other parts. Then I submit it for review. Once the model is accepted, it will be merged back into the Corporate model.

As I mentioned above, I used to do this all the time in ERwin. I was a master of the ERwin Merge.

Now in PowerDesigner, I know they do things differently, but there must be a way to create a clean subset. I have tried creating a Package within the model for the subset. But I can't see a way forward from there. And creating the package seems to have created (or highlighted?) issues with and inheritance that is now only partly inside the package.

I have to run to a meeting now. I'll post more details later if I have time.

Any help appreciated.

Jane Roberts