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Jun 17, 2016 at 12:22 PM

Error occurring while recovering Hana database during BW system Refresh.


We have SAP Hana system.

We are trying to refresh quality system from Production system.

We have manually moved HDP backup to quality server via SCP commands . it was successfully completed.

We ran command hdbbackupcheck -v HBP_FULL_2016-06-13_1000_databackup_1_1

which was successful in HDP system but it was giving error in HDQ system.

so we thought it will be due to copy - something must have happened while coping .

so we again transferred that backup from HDQ to HDP . and checked again in HDP this time it was successful , it means backup is not corrupted.

other thing we observed that we have kept HDP backup in same file system where regular HDQ backup is happening.

we are able to recover database using HDQ backup in same file system.

It means there is no issue related to file system as well.

We are using xfs file system type for backup filesystem.

Please suggest

-if any pre step need to be done to use HDP backup in HDQ.

-If any pre steps need to be done.

-if any changes need to be made at os level or any parameter need to be changed.

Thank you