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Jun 17, 2016 at 09:19 AM

Agentry custom client icon for internal App store



This question is in the limit between the knowledge of a SAP product and iOS developer.

I created an Agentry custom client and everything works fine except one thing: The icon displayed in our internal app store (Airwatch) is not the custom application icon we have designed.

Following my own post How to create an Agentry Client for iOS using SMP SDK SP10 and Xcode 7.0, I added the icons to the assets catalogue, but instead of the icons from the Agentry Bundle, I used custom enterprise icons created by our designer. I mapped correctly each icon file to the relevant asset catalogue device setting.

When I install the app in any device, I see the correct custom icon, but when in the Airwatch store, the icon displayed is the original "orange-yellow" background with white figure from SAP.

How can I replace the original SAP icon for the app store with my custom icon? It is confusing users to get one icon in the app store and then see a different one in the device once the app is installed.

Kind Regards,