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Jun 17, 2016 at 08:40 AM

Workflow user decision is coming into users mail (Sbwp)



I need some clarifications, need your suggestions.I was created one workflow It is having user decision , User decision is need to get two people.

Once they approve 3 times, then Count will increment 3 then complete the Task.

Please have a look on below attached images.

To whom Users, i was added in PFAC.

Like below Under Responsibilities i was added like.




I was executed the workflow. I am also one of the decision maker,I was approved the decision, then i was checked the Workflow log.

then If i press the Agents button it is showing, Two users list.

But User2 if i open in his login then see the Sbwp ,

1)Not able to see any Workflow messages. May i know why.

2)Second question is If user1 is press continuously 3 times, workflow is completed, But i would like User1 then User2 then User3.

How it is possible.


3w.png (120.9 kB)
2w.png (94.9 kB)
1w.png (91.5 kB)