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SD Schedule Agreement Idoc Forecast Delivery Schedule update

We are currently experiencing difficulties with the updating of the Forecast Delivery Schedule information on SD Schedule agreements as the result of inbound 830 messages, specifically in relation to product already being shipped but being received again in the inbound message.

The process as follows with the problem noted in step 7.

1. SD Schedule agreement created – only ‘Forecast Delivery Schedule’ used due to business process
(Line item has tolerance profile ‘Comp. FctDS-FctDS’ which has Qty/Cumulative Qty Check – Qty Check and Percentage / Absolute check – Absolute)

2. Inbound 830 message received (DELFOR2 / DELINS) with delivery schedule (from non SAP environment) and the ‘Forecast Delivery Schedule’ is updated

3. Demand fulfilled, delivery created and shipped (PGI’ed) to customer

4. Transit time normally 3 days but can be over 10

5. Receiving facility do not close out demand requirement until received into their stock

6. Due to delay in receipt in receiving facility the schedule can again be sent to SAP due to processes at the customer

7. SAP not recognising that the demand has been met (PGI’ed) and seeing this as new demand, therefore creating new schedule lines resulting in duplicate deliveries to the customer

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  • Sorry, I lost track at p.5. What exactly do you mean by "close out demand requirement"? Based on this description, there seems to be an additional step that needs to be performed in SAP. You're not performing it and then saying "SAP not recognising"? Well, it can't recognize something it does not know about. You might want to clarify the whole process, maybe with the screenshots.

    Also it's not clear why do you believe this is an IDoc update problem (according to the title). It seems that IDoc is doing what it's supposed to do, it's just p. 5-6 are causing p.7.

    And if you suspect a problem is in the standard SAP then please reach directly to the SAP Support instead of SCN.

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