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Jun 16, 2016 at 10:49 PM

Org Structure not copied during tenant copy (solution profile)


Hi all,

We copied a tenant to another tenant (including configuration but not transactional data). When we went into the new tenant, we noticed the Org Structure was missing.

Rather, it was pointed out that the Org Structure had to be imported using the migration tool.

However, when I went to import the Org Structure, I noticed that it also tried to map the employee mapping f(including the employee IDs) from the source tenant to the new tenant. But since we didn't migrate the employee data and the load of employees into the new tenant was 'fresh', the employee IDs wouldn't match!

Is this a normal behavior when copying a tenant? Now I am left with a new tenant, new employees but no original Org Structure - so nobody is assigned to an org node!? Help!?

Do I need to manually recreate the org structure and then re-map the new employees to the org nodes?

Thanks in advance!