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Jun 16, 2016 at 08:01 PM

VBA with SAP BAPI call is so slow


Dear everyone

I've been try to use SAP BAPI (via remove function call) from my VBA (Excel).

ex) Logistics Execution --> Shipping --> Delivery Processing --> DeliveryGetlist

However when I load the BAPI with the following statement in Excel VBA, the performance becomes

so slow. (It takes about 30 seconds to even load BAPI before execution)

I'd like to attach the screenshot of my code snipets. Would you possibly tell me if there is any way to

improve the performance?

It becomes especially slow from the statement below in the screenshot.

Set l_objDel_Control = oBaPICtrl.DimAs(oDeliveryBapi, "DeliveryGetlist", "IsDlvDataControl")

I've been trying to find the answer for long time, so so any help would be highly appreciate it!

Kind regards,