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Jun 16, 2016 at 07:06 PM

Condition Type to COPA ( +/- Indicator Usage)


Hello Experts,

In our Transportation Management Project, we have a charge type Fuel Surcharge that is passed from TM box to ERP box. We map this charge type to MM condition type when we transfer the FSD document. The fuel surcharge MM condition type (FUS) can have positive or negative value. Another condition LH (linehaul) will have always a positive value. They both are mapped to same G/L account. The cost element has cost element category as 11 and in KE4IM the +/- indicator is checked for FUS condition type.Both condition types (LH & FUS) are mapped to the same value field.In PA, the system is always adding up LH and FS condition type value irrespective of FUS is positive or negative.

Also, there is another condition type FUT (it can have +/- value as well) which is mapped to a different G/L account.Cost element category is 11. This condition is mapped to a different value field. in KE4IM, +/- indicator is checked for this condition type. In COPA, this always comes with + sign.

In our PA reports, the formula is: LH - FUS - FUT

I looked into SAP 33178 and it talks about making changes in a program which was supposed to be in section 2.1.2 which is not there !!!

Where I am going wrong?