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Former Member
Jun 16, 2016 at 07:31 PM

Improve Chart Image Quality?


I have created some sample reports for an ASP.Net web application. One of them was to test out the various charts available.

I created a 3D Pie Chart, a 3D bar graph, and some gauges.

In the attached screenshot you can see the output from the test program. There seems to be a lot of aliasing on the line between the pie slices, and all over the bar chart.

Is there a way to sharpen those up a bit? I searched for image quality, but all of the results involved adding an external image to a report. These are the built-in report objects themselves. One result mentioned an anti-aliasing check box, but I couldn't find it anywhere. Other results mentioned buying an add-on to CR that is fairly expensive or just buying a separate product altogether that has a more modern look.