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Jun 16, 2016 at 05:42 PM

Common report header


Hi all,

I have an application with many, many reports. All these reports have the same header (company name, company logo, company address, report date and time, page number, etc.) but each one is independent of the other. They were built by copying one datawindow to another. The problem is if I want to change any aspect of the header I have to change it in each report....😢

Is there anyway I can define a datawindow that'll contain all the header information that could be shared among all reports? This way if I ever need to change the design of the header (like right now) I would just change one datawindow and have all the reports automatically reflect the change. Sort of inheriting datawindows from a common datawindow which I know can't be done but maybe there's some other way to accomplish this.

Using PB 12.5.

Thanks in advance.