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Jun 16, 2016 at 03:25 PM

Execute RFC Functions in background


Hello Experts:

We are handling a situation with the way to execute SAP content from BODS. Maybe you have experience on this and you can clarify this matter.

Since Implementation of ABAP dataflows, DataServices can create programs On SAP Side this option sounds familiar with this activity


At this time I guess all people know what it mean but is really important to specify that Only involves ABAP programs and not RFC functions or any call for example standar BAPI.

If you change value of "execute in background" does not modify the way to invoke remote functions on the SAP side.

This makes me handle variables to force the execution to ignore timeout or any other issues that can affect Dialog sessions. SAP provides two kinds of users that don't have dialog connection: Communication and System.

Note if you change the user of the datastore to Communication, you can still launching process in bakground (jobs) or dialog by changing the "execute in background" parameter. That was a little surprise but is acceptable between SAP products (I have a similar situation with microsoft products a year ago)

The main question is... Should I worry about that or Communication and system users NEVER should be affected by described issues above?

I really apreciate your comments and any further information please let me know.

thanks in advance