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Jun 16, 2016 at 02:34 PM

SolMan7.1: How to detect checked-out documents in SOLAR01?


Hi there,

I have one question about documents: how can I detect and list all checked-out documents in SOLAR01 ?

Sometimes the users forget to check-in their documents again after work.

Example: is this document checked-in or checked-out ?

In parallel, when I run rollout projects, I'm very interested, who is still working on documents of one single SOLAR project.

So, I want to list every document which is checked-out by the editing user.

I am missing two functions: "list my checked out documents" and "list all checked-out documents of project X".

Any suggestions or standard solutions ?

Any information about the right table/data field to generate a report for this ?

Thank you very much ...




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