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Jun 16, 2016 at 01:54 PM

MDGM - Feeder Class List -> Adding data to table causing short dump



I have created a custom button. When it is pressed it uses the sales org currently selected to add data to another type 4 entity.

In debugging I can see that it is adding the data to the table perfectly but after that a Short Dump is created:


It basically goes into a class which checks if the content of the source data table was changed without notice.

My problem is - how do I give it notice that some data was inserted?

I've already tried to flag EV_DATA_CHANGED as 'X'.

And the parameter EO_ITAB_CHANGE_LOG only has retrieval capabilities - so I can't add to it.

How can I add data to a type 4 entity within the feeder class without it dumping?