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Jun 16, 2016 at 01:28 PM

Talking to a USB scale


There have been a few posts regarding USB ports and such, but none have really answered my myriad of questions. So, in a more generic phrasing this ... Does anyone have experience interfacing to a USB (I'm assuming HID device) scale? We're currently using the Greenleaf RS-232 OCX to talk to Symbol Technlogies' virtual COM driver, but the virtual COM driver is not compatible with 64-bit PCs. In an effort to remove this dependency on 32-bit platforms, I have to come up with ways to talk to our scanners and scales in a way that is bitness-agnostic. For the scanner, Symbol has a Ole Point of Sale (OPOS) OCX that works. For the scales, currently Pitney-Bowes, but we bought Toledo scales, too, as backups. With USB, not RS232. D' oh!

I've seen references to mscomm.ocx. Don't know how this works. Chris P. mentioned plain old FileOPen(), but I don't know the USB port name. KInd of in a pickle here of lack of knowledge. Oh, if I ask Pitney-Bowes, they have a driver for their app only. Toledo has an OCX that talks to their serial scale. Doesn't seem to be a generic USB HID OCX out there.

In an earlier post I mentioned that Symbol (Zebra) has an SDK for scales and scanners, but it heavily bit-dependent. This won't work for us due to a mix of client PCs out there.

Larry Molter

CCS Medical