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Jun 16, 2016 at 11:16 AM

Custom Web Service - No error messages



I've created a new custom BO and added a validation in script 'OnSave', this is very simple, when ELEMENT1 == "TEST" then throw an error message "TEST not valid" and return False. Afterwards I've created a Web Service to create, update and read this BO.

All the operations work fine but when I test my validation (sending ELEMENT1 = "TEST" in create or update operations), as expected, the entry is not created in the BO, but I do not get any error message, the Log element is always empty.

Why don't I get my custom error message in the response?

For standard validations, Log element contains the error message, for example:






<Note>Instance with the same key (1605) already exists</Note>




Alejandro Cordero.