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Jun 16, 2016 at 11:07 AM

Missing a stop tracking functionality


when I look at my activity stream in beta then I do currently not really know why I see a certain content there.

But this is not the main issue that I have, I would like to ignore certain content.

for example has this blog already over 80 comments:

and only because I had added a comment I get now all updates in my activities.

In current Jive communication stream I have the option to click "Stop tracking" if it starts to become annoying, such option is not there in Beta.

I think this function will be even more important in the new SCN because we have to follow tags instead of spaces.

Today I follow for example the MM space, I do not follow the Career space

In future SCN a post might be tagged with MM and career (probably with "carrier" too 🤣) hence I will get this unwanted content into my activities since it has a MM tag. I do not want to see such posts and their answers, thats why I look for an option to ban certain content from re-appearing in my Activities