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Jun 16, 2016 at 09:00 AM

ExcelTransformBean and PayloadSwapBean working in Tandem


Hi , I have a interface Sender mail adapter containing .xslx file in attachment.I need to convert the .xslx file to XML and then use it. I am using the module in the below in the screenshot. For the PayloadSwapBean the params are: swap.keyName =Payload-Name swap.keyValue1 =MailAttachment-1 ModuleSequence.JPG But the problem I am getting is the payload still is in .xslx format. This is why the mapping is failing. But astonisingly if I dowload the MailAttachment-1.xslx file and see that,it opens in notepad++, and that is the converted xml. So the TransformationBean works but my purpose is not solved. Payload.JPG


Payload.JPG (46.9 kB)
ModuleSequence.JPG (35.0 kB)