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Jun 16, 2016 at 08:05 AM

Data Inconsistency in T7INI7/T7INI9 TABLES


Dear Guru's,

I required your help for resolving the below issue.

I have successfully done manual changes and applied Snote for Sec80 CCD(1B) few months and tested and shared to user.

Client also tested and it has worked fine.

Recently we have applied the Patch for 2016 FY budget change and Notified that Subsection 17 values are changed to old values in DEV/QTY and PRD systems.And i found inconsistency in each Server.

I have done some changes in DEV server in T7INT7 table .

Now the entry is like below.

I have modified the entry in DEV system and deleted the previous one, now there is only one entry in I7 table like below Screen shot.

entry in T7INT9 table in DEV.

I7 and I9 tables screen shots in Quality and PRD server like below screen shot.

Please help/Suggest how to delimit the entries.

appreciate your quick response.


image (12).png (116.2 kB)
image (13).png (111.4 kB)
image (14).png (111.2 kB)
image (15).png (119.1 kB)