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Jun 16, 2016 at 07:32 AM

Break timing not cosidered into PM order operation Work center, during scheduling


Hi PM experts,

Facing one issue while assigning the shift into work center. I've created a shift sequence for General shift duration 7 am - 4 pm with a break time from 12 pm- 1 pm. workdays as Sun - Thursday with Fri & Sat as Weekend offs.

I've also assigned this Grouping to my work center

But the issue is. while creating a work order with this Work center assigned to operations , the expectation is that system should consider the defined break timing inside the Grouping /shift sequence , assigned to this work center.

since 12 pm to 1 pm is break timing (as per defined into work center) , while scheduling order, system should not schedule any operation in this duration. But in my case system is not excluding this period for operation 2 and scheduling is happening in this duration as well.

Please let me know if my understanding is correct and how to correct this scheduling timing for operations during break period??

Thanks in advance ..


Shift seq.PNG (12.4 kB)
wc.PNG (16.0 kB)
wc1.PNG (42.7 kB)
wc3.PNG (27.2 kB)