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Jun 16, 2016 at 04:59 AM

OPD Datasource Extraction


Dear All,

I am new to the ODP datasource extraction; I have read several documents and trying to follow the steps to establish the ODP connection.

Here I have some questions and issues that i encountered that hope I can get answers here. Thanks in advance !!

I have a BW server(740 SP14) and would like to extract data from ERP(ECC6 EHP7 on HANA) using ODP

1. While setting up the "Search and operational Analysis" in IMG, for the "Specify Client for Modeling", I have to enter Modeling Client & Destination,

1.1 Do I this on ERP server right ?

1.2 "Modeling Client" means the current ERP client number ?

1.3 Do I choose our BW server for Destination?

2. After Activating the function "LOG_SD_ANALYTICS_01", I executed the transaction [BSANLY_BI_ACTIVATION] to try to activate BI Content.

2.1 Firstly I maintained "RFC Mapping" by adding my [BW system] and checked as "Local" then filled in the "RFC Destination for Content Object"; In the "Source Systems for Datasource Replication", I selected "Current Logon Client"(SAP ERP); Are these settings correct ?

2.2 According the parameters above, after activating, I've got several error messages but have no clue how to solve them:

Thanks for your patient, please help if possible ~




img.jpg (75.8 kB)
img1.jpg (31.8 kB)
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img3.jpg (386.0 kB)