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Jun 16, 2016 at 12:56 AM

Custom theme for WDA in EHP7 ?


Hi experts,

Need your advise on below.

We are using Portal 7.4 and which is integrated to ECC EHP7.

Requirement : to alter look and feel of WDA screens.

in EHP5 - I have found themes under "/SAP/PUBLIC/BC/UR/NW5/THEMES/" and then import and export of theme is done by using "BSP_UPDATE_MIMEREPOS" into newly created folder called "/CUSTOM/MY_THEME" ( /SAP/PUBLIC/BC/UR/NW5/THEMES/custom/MY_THEME), then updated Application Parameters in Portal with sap-cssurl=MY_THEME and it works

in EHP7 - No themes were found under "/SAP/PUBLIC/BC/UR/NW5/THEMES/" folder, so shall I import "" to extract theme ?

The folder "/SAP/PUBLIC/BC/UR/NW5/THEMES/" is EMPTY, is it safe to create a folder called "/CUSTOM/MY_THEME" under "/SAP/PUBLIC/BC/UR/NW5/THEMES/" to export custom theme ?

Where I refer to WDA screen, those are referring to /SAP/PUBLIC/BC/UR/NW5/THEMES/SAP_TRADESHOW/ theme but NW5 doesn't have any theme folders.

Is there any other better alternative we have in EHP7, the requirement is complex, not only changing colors, we have adjust spacing between elements as well.