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Jun 15, 2016 at 04:58 PM

User Vs Role Mapping in 7.2


Hi Everybody , I have requirement to create an excel file with all the users and the roles assigned to them in IDM 7.2

I am using below query to obtain the user and role information -

select my.mcThisMSKEY as UserMskey,

my.mcThisMSKEYVALUE as UniqueIdOfUser,

usr.mcDisplayName as DisplayNmaeOfUser,

my.mcOtherMSKEY as RoleMskey,

my.mcOtherMSKEYVALUE as UniqueIdOfRole,

rle.mcDisplayName as DisplayNameOfRole

from idmv_link_ext my, idmv_entry_simple usr, idmv_entry_simple rle

where my.mcThisOcName = 'MX_PERSON'

and my.mcOtherOcName = 'MX_ROLE'

and my.mcAttrName = 'MXREF_MX_ROLE'

and my.mcThisMSKEY = usr.mcMSKEY

and my.mcOtherMSKEY = rle.mcMSKEY

order by my.mcThisMSKEY

The query is working fine, but I am not sure what should be in the output , I mean ATTRIBUTE and VALUE in the destination tab of the "to ASCII pass". As a result when I run the job it is executing but the output file is generated with just some ;; (almost 15000 lines).

I just need userIDs and Role Unique IDs or Role Names

Any help would be appreciated.